Kingdom of Ennon
Physical Information
Location Eastern Hemisphere
Capital Fortaan
Form of Government Monarchy, theocracy
Head of State de jure: Holy God-King

de facto: Steward

The Human Kingdom of Ennon lies on the western half of the Old Continent, therefore it is often referred to as the Western Kingdom. Ennon is a feudal state and has officialy been ruled by its founder, Holy Sigurd, for ages. In practice, however, the true power lies with the Steward, the Throne's Keeper.

Despite its troubled past, the Kingdom has largely been able to uphold its prime position amongst the warring states of the Old World. The Western Kingdom is constantly at odds with Ilrion, the Wizard's Domain, a bulwark of necromantic forces.


Early historyEdit

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The demise of the Elves meant the downfall of protection of the Humans versus the other races. Not long after the Elves left their kingdoms, Orcs once again crossed the great rivers and swarmed into Sylvania, taking over Elven cities and defiling them. Humanity had to fend for itself and fought a brutal war of survival with the Orcs.

New tribes were formed once more and slowly some semblance of culture was born amongst the Sylvanians. Learning from their Morcian brothers in the South, they became excellent metalworkers. However, their culture paled in comparison with the contemporary empires of Ankoria and Atlantis and their actual power was nigh-existant.

Atlantean periodEdit

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Sylvanian culture and power remained stagnant for a long time. Small political entities formed and powerful warlords established small kingdoms. At first, the Humans stuck together to fight off the Orcs, but as soon as those were driven away, the kingdoms fell to infighting.

A new power was rising in the South, however. Already slowly creeping over the Morcian peninsula, the Republic of Atlantis was eager to unite all Human kingdoms. Surely, the Morcians fell to the power of the well-organised Atlantean war machine. The Sylvanians, too busy with their own petty struggles, noticed the imminent danger too late and were swiftly conquered by the Atlanteans, too.

Coming of the AenlingsEdit



National emblemEdit

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